KLINGER Ball Valves

3-Piece Split-Body Ball Valves
The KLINGER sealing element, unbeatable in safety. It is seal that determines whether the valve can reliably fulfil its sealing or controlling functions or not. Who or whatever controls the sealing element, controls safety. KLINGER is the only manufacturer worldwide who offers both valves and seals. It is obvious that a hundred years of experience in sealing technology has led to a natural advantage in competition.

KLINGER Ballostar KHA Sealing System
In conventional ball valves the fluid acts only on the ball in direction of flow. In the KLINGER Ballostar KHA the complete sealing element is charged.

Practical advantage
With increasing differential pressure additional forces increase as well. This relieves the diaphragm spring and prolongs the service life. When connecting the flanges with the centerpiece the forces of the preloaded spring are released and press the sealing ring to the ball. This happens irrespective of whether there is fluid pressure or not! and these forces still act at very low differential pressures and vacuum. Because of the bidirectional effect of the “automatic sealing chamber” the KLINGER Ballostar KHA is ideal for plants with changing flow directions.

Advantages of the Ballostar KHA:
  • always safe in action and reliably tight
  • virtually maintenance free